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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Migos - You A Foo lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro: Quavo]
You niggas a foo
Niggas a foo

[Chorus: Quavo]
I be fucking yo ho
You taking her shopping
My bad ye ain’t know, you niggas a foo
Take her to the mall
And she don’t get nothing
My bad ye ain’t know, nigga’s a foo

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I’m fucking that bitch and you take her shopping
She at the top cord kord chord Migos - You A Foo lyrics kunci gitar of my condo she pussy poppin’
You is a foo
If you didn’t know dat that pussy got mileage
Every since I introduced her to molly
She been running round the lobby
Boot to scotty
Please don’t tell nobody
If ya tell somebody
It’s gone be some problems
Nigga try to rob me for my narcotics
If she fool you once
Shame on you
If she fool you twice
You a fucking foo
Breaking rules
Nigga skipping school
Young nigga jumped in the money pool
That bitch that you cuffing
You brought to yo mama
That bitch is sucking like a fucking piranha
I beat it up
She suck my anaconda
That bitch don’t get nothing from me
But some McDonald’s


[Verse 2: Quavo]
Fucking yo bitch and I take her shopping
She look good, what you buy her
34 pints you know I got the broccoli
Charles Barkley
Going broke nigga’s not an option
She do whatever I tell the lil bitch to do
She brang me the profit
You go out yo way
And she break in yo wallet
She calling my phone
I just declined it
I always stress her
You always press her
Talking bout where she been
She trapping for me
And she bought me a bezel


[Verse 3: Offset]
You niggas a chords Migos - You A Foo lyrics lyrics fool
Fucking yo bitch
And it’s wet like a pool
Giuseppe stepping, skin made of fuel
OG gas bags, cow manure
Sipping on Actavis, oil fuel
The streets is like tug-o-war I got pull
Diamonds pissy shit on you like sewers
Rich nigga, smoother than velour
Must be kidding me cuffing that bitch you a lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Migos - You A Foo lyrics download mp3 idiot
Can’t read between the lines you illiterate
The plug threw the work and I had to deliver it
Throw the money on the floor like I’m littering
You is a fool cause you don’t take advice
Don’t fuck with the snakes bitch
The rats and the mice
Can’t talk on the phone about prices


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